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Quick Organizer 2.0

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Quick Organizer: Streamline Your Creative Workflow

What is Quick Organizer? Quick Organizer is a powerful tool designed to streamline the organization of your project and asset folders. Ideal for creative professionals, it transforms cluttered directories into neatly arranged folders, saving you time and boosting efficiency.

Key Use Cases

  • Perfect for managing assets in various creative projects.
  • Simplifies initial project setup: Just create a folder, drop in your assets, and let Quick Organizer do the rest.
  • Not recommended for system files or plugins with dependencies due to potential compatibility issues.

Features and Capabilities

  • Efficient Organization: Automatically sorts files into categorized folders based on extensions, such as grouping images (.jpg, .png, .gif) in one folder, and similarly for videos and 3D files.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Right-click context help for quick guidance on each feature.
  • Comprehensive File Management Tools:
    • Flatten: Simplify folder structures.
    • Sort/Unsort: Arrange files with flexibility.
    • Sort Other: Places unpopular folders inside an unlisted folder.
    • Remove Empty Folders: Clean up unused space.
    • Create Project Files: Tailor folders for Audio, Motion Design, and VFX projects.
    • Custom Project Folders: Generate folders from a CSV file for personalized organization.
  • Duplicate File Management:
    • Remove duplicate files.
    • Remove files with Suffix - Copy

Pricing and Development

  • A small fee is required, which supports ongoing development and improvements.
  • Your feedback is invaluable! Let us know how Quick Organizer can better suit your needs.

Transform the way you manage your creative assets with Quick Organizer – a small investment for a significantly more organized and efficient workflow.

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Quick Organizer 2.0

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Quick Organizer 2.0

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